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Kinsey Ancestry

The information of the family of Elisha Kinsey, was contained in a family Bible that belonged to my father’s, Kenneth Ray Kinsey, family and was copied from a family Bible that belonged to Elisha Kinsey’s, family. Elisha’s Bible was left to his son, Benjamin Kinsey, then was left to his son Robert Brownlow Kinsey, my Great Grandfather. Robert Brownlow Kinsey then left the family Bible to his son, Marion Francis Kinsey, and he copied the record and sent it to other members of the family.
The information on Elisha Kinsey’s family was researched  by Kenneth Ray Kinsey and has been printed in "The Record" a 1975 publication of the Garland County,(Arkansas) Historical society and in the "Kinsey Klan" by Mildred Kinsey Adams.

I hope these records will be of use to future generations of Kinseys. 


Timothy Alan Kinsey

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